Live Cases – Academic, Professional and Technical Services – Business Restructuring Grant (3rd Round of 2021)

Today, I will show you some live cases of awarded projects of academic, professional and technical service industries of Business Restructuring Grant Program (事業再構築補助金 Jigyo Saikochiku Hojokin) (the 3rd round of 2021).  In these industries, there are remarkable number of cases shifting from face-to-face service to online service.  It is, however, not just going online; in many cases, it is also accompanied by the construction of dedicated websites and systems.  Building websites and systems is expensive, so this grant is used as a financing tool.  There are also projects that are aimed at meeting the needs of decarbonization and use new technologies such as AR/VR and AI.  

Shift from Face-to-Face Service to Online Service

  • A sales promotion planning and production company launches “Digital Experience Business” that enables online business negotiations.
  • A company that operates Japanese cooking events for foreign visitors launches an e-learning business on Japanese cooking techniques and online sales of Japanese cooking tools for chefs working at overseas restaurants.

  • A company that promotes Japanese products at overseas exhibitions launches a web-based matching business for overseas exports.

  • An advertising production and graphic design company launches a new website to support marketing for museums.

Decarbonization and AI

  • An elevator maintenance company starts sales and maintenance services for residential solar panels and energy storage systems to meet the needs of decarbonization.
  • A wind energy consulting company starts wind energy resource assessment services using the latest measuring technology.

  • A law firm launches an AI-based contract checking tool.

Auther: Eri Mizukami, CPA

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