Live Cases – Daily Life Services and Entertainment – Business Restructuring Grant (3rd Round of 2021)

I have picked up here some live cases of awarded projects of daily life service and entertainment industries of Business Restructuring Grant Program (事業再構築補助金 Jigyo Saikochiku Kojokin) (the 3rd round of 2021).  Of those industries, those that provide face-to-face services were severely affected by Covid 19, with a sharp decline in the number of customers and sales.  For this reason, there are remarkable number of awarded cases of changes from face-to-face service to online service using IT technologies.

There are also cases of businesses that provided in-store services are now launching new service offerings that can be received at home.

Change from Face-to-Face Service to Online Service

  • A video production company starts an online school and online video production service.
  • An inbound travel agency creates a tourism platform that guides visitors to Japan using VR videos.
  • A medical tourism coordinator develops a remote diagnostic imaging system for online diagnostic reading for overseas patients.
  • A live event company develops a live streaming system.

Launch of New Services Utilizing Know-how from Existing Businesses

  • A beauty salon enters the skin care market and begins selling beauty equipment and serums.
  • A cleaning service provider launches a house cleaning business.

Author: Eri Mizukami, CPA

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