Live Cases – Medical and Educational – Business Restructuring Grant (3rd Round 2021)

Here I will show you some live cases of awarded projects of medical- and education-related projects of Business Restructuring Grant Program (事業再構築補助金 Jigyo Saikochiku Hojokin)(the 3rd round of 2021).  In the medical field, there are lots of cases of the development of new medical services related to COVID 19 and advanced medical care.  In the education field, there are many cases of shifting from face-to-face lessons to online lessons; there are also cases of entering new related services by utilizing the know-how of existing businesses.  In particular, since Business Restructuring Grant Program can be used to construct or renovate buildings or purchase equipment, there are many cases of building new factories and purchasing advanced medical equipment, that require a large amount of fund.

Medical Services

  • A cancer gene testing company uses its technology to launch a PCR test for COVID 19.
  • An eye clinic introduces the latest medical equipment to provide advanced ophthalmic care for the elderly.
  • A dental clinic builds a medical system with the latest digital medical equipment and aims to expand their business to overseas.

Educational Services

  • A yoga school operator develops an app for online yoga lessons.
  • A Japanese language school starts online support for studying and working in Japan.
  • A company that operates a cooking school starts a catering business and a restaurant business for solo lunch / dinner.
  • A preschool operator builds a new school building and starts an international school and an after school care service.

Author: Eri Mizukami, CPA

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