Live Cases – Whole Sale and Retail – Business Restructuring Grant (3rd Round of 2021)

I have picked up here some live cases of awarded projects of whole sale and retailer of Business Restructuring Grant Program (事業再構築補助金 Jigyo Saikochiku Kojokin) (the 3rd round of 2021).  Among them, many businesses in the whole sale and retail industry chose to switch from face-to-face service to online service, such as switching from retail store sales to online sales and starting online showroom and live streaming of housing building materials and artwork.  Also, there are many cases of starting new businesses to meet the demand for anti-virus and decarbonation utilizing existing know-hows, such as a home-use battery developer / seller starting business of industry-use battery for decarbonation.

Switch from face-to-face sales to online sales / Launch of online showroom

  • An order-made suits vendor changes its sales channels from department stores to online sales with online consulting.
  • A wholesaler of edible flowers starts processing flowers and selling them online.
  • A jewelry shop starts a communication type e-commerce (Live Commerce).
  • An apparel manufacturer & sales vendor starts a new business selling apparel for teleworking made out of SDG conscious and environmentally friendly material.
  • A house building material vendor starts online showroom.
  • An art gallery / a broker start selling artwork in online gallery and live streaming.

Launch of Online School

  • A telecommunication device vendor starts online school of IT for business use for small to medium sized companies.
  • A foreign staffing agency starts online Japanese lesson to foreigners looking for jobs in Japan, and Japanese companies hiring foreigners.

New Robot Business

  • A robot vendor starts sales and maintenance of delivery robots servicing at restaurants

New Business Utilizing Pre-existing Technologies & Know-Hows:

  • A meat wholesaler starts selling meat for camping-use at cafés for campers and bicycle tourists.
  • A nail salon starts developing and selling self-manicure products including technical support
  • A developer and seller of battery for solar power generators for home use starts battery business for industrial use to meet the demand from industries of decarbonation.
  • A cross-border trade & e-commerce consulting company starts a web portal site providing multi-lingual medical and health care information for foreigners living in Japan.

Utilizing Unused Space

  • A consumer goods vendor starts rental conference room business utilizing unused spaces attracting customers online.

Authur: Eri Mizukami, CPA

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