Business Plans and Implementation Support

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery.)


There is a new business idea in mind and imagination runs wild, but it is hard to put it into practice … if you have such a trouble, why not put it into a business plan?  We also recommend developing a plan when you have an issue and want to sort out the solutions.  We also provide budget and actual analysis services after implementing a business plan.

1. Developing a Business Plans

Numbers are not just for reporting past performance to the tax office.  They are a tool to develop a future business plan.  We help you in identifying “what to do” and “when” and putting them into a business plan to bring your business idea into reality or to get your issue solved.

If you have desires like this…

  • “We are considering a new business.  We want to identify what to do and when for implementation of the new business.”
  • “I am considering purchasing a new facility, however, the effect of the introduction of such a facility is vague in the mind of myself, the president.  I want to see the forecast of sales, expenses, profit and tax after the introduction of the new facility.”
  • “We want to put each step to solve certain problem into a plan.”

We will support you like this:

✔ We can tailor a business plan according to your needs in various forms such as “To Do List” and “Gantt Chart”.
✔ When you apply for a bank loan, the bank may request you to submit your business plan.  We can help you prepare such a business plan.
✔ Small and Medium Enterprise Agency offers Business Plan Development Programs that subsidize up to JPT 200,000 or JPY 2,000,000 of the cost for developing a business plan. For details please see 3 below.

2. Budget and Actual Analysis

When you implement a business plan, we analyze the budget and the actual numbers periodically such as every month or every 3 months.  A periodical check of the difference between the budget and the actual numbers will lead your business plan to precisely land the destination.

3. Small and Medium Enterprise Agency’s Subsidy Programs to Develop a Business Plan

When you develop a business plan with a support from a Qualified Support Agency for Business Innovation (Nintei keiei kakushin tou shien kikan), Small and Medium Enterprise Agency subsidizes 2/3 of the cost of the Qualified Support Agency up to JPY 200,000 and JPY 2,000,000 respectively for “Program of Simple Plan for Business Improvement (Souki keiei kaizen keikaku jigyo – Program Pre-405)” and “Program of Business Improvement Plan (Keiei kaizen keikaku jigyo – Program 405)”.  Eri Mizukami, the President of us, is a Qualified Support Agency for Business Innovation.  Please note, in particular, Program 405 is used to obtain financial support from a bank such as reschedule of repayment of loans.