Coordination of Financing via Bank Loans and Government Grants

Want to invest in equipment, or want to start a new business, but worried about cash on hand? In such cases, please consider a bank loan or a government grant. We will navigate you through the complex process of applying for a bank loan or a government grant.

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1. Bank Loan

There are several types of banks in Japan: Japan Finance Corporation (JFC: Nihon seisaku kinyu koko), which is operated by the Japanese government, mega-banks, local banks, Shinkin Banks (Shinyo kinko), etc. They are different from each other in some aspects such as the loan conditions and the speed of financing. Generally speaking, they will require the following documents when you apply for a loan. Especially, JFC has an interview with the company representative / the business owner.

・Financial statements (for recent 2 or 3 years) and recent trial balance.
・Tax returns (for recent 2 or 3 years)
・Quote (in case of investment in equipment)
・Business plan

We provide the following services in applying for a bank loan.
✔ Preparation of cash flow statement to illustrate repayment of the proposed loan.
✔ Advise on the financial statements / trial balance to be submitted to the bank.
✔ Development of a business plan followed by monitoring services.
✔ Advise on the interview with the bank

If you use Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (“SMEA”)’s Program of Simple Plan for Business Improvement or Program of Business Improvement Plan, SMEA would subsidize 2/3 of the cost to develop a business plan up to JPY 200,000 or JPY 2,000,000 respectively. For details please see 3 of “Business Plans and Implementation”.

2. Government Grants

  1. What are Government Grants?

A government grant is a money given by national and local governments in order to support corporations / business owners to do business in line with certain policy objectives of the governments. For example, “Business Restructuring Grant Program (Jigyo Sai Kochiku Hojokin)”, which was introduced in March 2021, is aimed at encouraging changes in economic structure by supporting small and medium sized corporations / business owners that make drastic changes in business in order to survive along with economic and social shifts in the new normal and post pandemic world. Therefore, an application for Business Restructuring Grant Program will be strictly reviewed whether it is in line with such policy objectives.

There are subsidies (“Josei kin” / ”Kofu kin”) and financial aids (“Kyufu kin”/”Shien kin”) that are similar to grants (“Hojo kin”). You have probably seen in the news Wage Subsidy (“Koyo chosei josei kin”) and Financial Aid for Sustaining Businesses (“Jizokuka kyufu kin”) during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. In general, you can receive subsidies / financial aid if you satisfy the conditions and there is no strict review, therefore, it is easier to receive these subsidies than government grants. In some cases, however, it takes lots of work to prepare application documents of subsidies / financial aid. We provide services on the application only for grants (“Hojo kin”). We do not provide services regarding subsidies (“Josei kin”/”Kofu kin”) and financial aids(“Kyufu kin”/”Shien kin”).

2. Overview of Major Grant Programs

Below is an overview of major grant programs. For more details, please click here.

Please note that we currently provide support services in English only for Innovative technology Grant Program and Business Restructuring Grant Program for corporations.  We provide support services for other grants including Small Business Sales Expansion Grant Program in Japanese.


Small Business Sales Expansion Grant Program 

(Sho Kibo Jigyosha Jizokuka Hojokin)

Innovative Technology Grant Program

(Monozukuri Hojokin)

Business Restructuring Grant Program

(Jigyo Sai Kochiku Hojokin)


Sales expansion

Development of innovative services

Business restructuring to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Award ceiling (Regular Type)

JPY 500,000

JPY 10,000,000

JPY 80,000,000

How may the grant be used? (Examples)

Website or facilities for new business / Renovation of a shop or restaurant / Domestic or overseas exhibition 

New facilities at a dental clinic / New machine of a manufacturer / VR (Virtual Reality) facilities in order to reduce the risk of infection of COVID 19

Business format conversion of a clothing store to online sales / New start of manufacturing of healthcare facilities by an airplane parts manufacturer